What Causes Acne?

No one is safe from acne and, contrary to the old wives tales and warnings, eating chocolate and other actions do not cause outbreaks. Deep within the skin (beyond our control), the development of unattractive skin conditions occurs that often have you running for the latest and greatest acne treatment. Almost every adolescent will face an onslaught of pimples at least once during their high school years, while close to 50% of all adult women will deal with acne of their own.

Since there is no cure for acne, people turn to their doctors for prescription-strength acne treatments while others rush to the pharmacy for over-the-counter remedies created by names we all know and trust. While treating acne is an important issue for many, prevention is often overlooked. Before we encounter the visual setbacks caused by acne, the pimple has already gone through a process of development three weeks ago.

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When it comes to choosing a proper acne treatment, understanding the causes of this annoying skin condition is essential. Hormones are one of the number one reasons acne forms. This is why acne flare-ups occur during puberty and menstrual cycles, when the hormones are most unstable. Additional causes include extra sebum, excess shedding of dead skin cells, and bacteria buildup.

In regards to acne, there are two types that threaten the smoothness of skin and the glowing appearance of healthy dermis: non-inflammatory and inflammatory. The first type of acne is called non-inflammatory acne, which includes those pesky whiteheads and blackheads.

Whiteheads develop when bacteria are trapped below the surface of the skin. They may show as miniscule white spots or never become visible without the help of a magnifying glass. Blackheads form under the skin, but when they become partially exposed to the oxygen in the air; a black spot is the result. Despite popular opinion, the black spot is not dirt and requires much more than soap and water to cleanse it.

Inflammatory acne occurs when breaks develop in the follicular wall and visible irritation appears. A papule may grow, which is a tender red bump (small or large). A pustule arises when a papule worsens. This skin irritation is often referred to as a zit or pimple. To get rid of these occurrences, people search for the best acne treatment they can get their hands on. When the surface of the skin reveals an inflamed lesion that may affect surrounding skin, a nodule or cyst has formed.

While there are plenty of over-the-counter, as well as prescription acne treatments, some people wish to stray from the typical chemical or man-made approach to health and healing. For this individual, there are natural acne treatments to consider that take a more homeopathic approach towards dealing with an acne outbreak. Herbal remedies and other natural options are used to promote healthy skin and prevent future occurrences. Some of the oddest concoctions have been known to bring about positive results.

For example, did you know that cabbage leaves can be used as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment, which also encourages healing from the pimples you might have already indulged in the urge to pop? By liquefying fresh leaves with one cup of distilled witch hazel, you can create an effective lotion after straining and adding lemon oil.

If your acne seems infected, garlic acts as an anti-bacterial and also works well to clear up skin that is highly irritated by an outbreak. A cut clove should be rubbed on affected areas. When using this treatment choice, one thing to remember when applying this natural remedy is to apply during the night unless you want to ward off vampires and anyone else you come in contact with throughout the day. The odor is quite distinct.

There are also many different essential oil options that will eradicate the redness, irritation, and discomfort of acne. For instance, tea tree oil is a potent anti-bacterial remedy for infected acne. When you add 1 ml of tea tree oil to 10 ml of water, an effective lotion is created. Natural treatments also include supplementary measures that one can take to prevent or treat acne. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, as will as adding evening primrose oil, vitamin C-complex, zinc, and vitamin C to your diet will also help.

While the angst of teenage life is often associated with the eruption of pimples, any age group can suffer from the appearance of acne. It doesn't matter whether you are in your mid-twenties or entering the final years of middle age, hormonal imbalances can cause pore blockage, which brings about the presence of acne. This is why, among the sea of Oxy-10, Clearasil, and Stridex products, there is an array of adult acne treatment options that provides a remedy for the blemishes that plague mature skin.

There are many different ways that an individual may receive treatment for their acne. Numerous lotions, creams, gels, cleansers, and moisturizers are just some of the things that grocery store shelves and pharmacies carry to please those suffering from a break in clear skin.

Two main ingredients are found in most over-the-counter acne treatments: benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Benzoyl peroxide offers effective results in remedying mild cases of non-inflammatory acne, which is present in both topical, as well as oral treatments. It is even safe for children to use. With salicylic acid, the mild form of this acne therapy works against mild acne by removing excess dead skin cells that often cause irritation. While over-the-counter remedies are often affordable and easily accessible, there are many other ways to achieve blemish-free skin.

When visiting a dermatologist, they can recommend a few options to ease the appearance and outcome of an acne problem. For instance, light wave therapy was once initially accepted as a cancer treatment, but now has shown promising results in fighting the emergence and reoccurrence of acne. There are even those who have tried a laser acne treatment to eradicate their breakouts. For women taking oral contraceptives, one of the additional perks found in some selections contain ingredients that help control acne that developed from an imbalance of hormones.

Overall, knowing the causes and various acne treatment approaches will bring you one step closer to achieving the healthy, glowing, acne-free skin you desire.

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