HA & Collagen

I'm 57 and 4 months later I looked 15 years younger while feeling better. No wrinkles and no arthritis and sleeping better.

The only product available that is 100% bioavailable and has profound effects on the human body is a liquid hyaluronic acid that has won all the awards in both the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and beauty industry.

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If you have taken the pill form of HA & Collagen then you already knows it doesn't have the same quick & positive effects. Typically you may have heard of Juvederm or Restylane injections of HA either on the face or HA injections in the knee. The problem with that is it is a synthetic form and your body will spend much effort to try and reject the product which is typically made from rooster comb or shark cartilage. One reason is the HA cannot absorb into the body at it's full molecular weight and at most is a temporary fix. The average cost of an injection is between $900-1700 per syringe. This is called a spot treatment and many repeat visits are required. It will typically cause a lot of inflammation and digestive problems because the body sees it as a foreign object and tries to remove it from your body.

When you drink HA & Collagen derived from chicken sternal cartilage your body absorbs the matrix and promotes healing naturally from the inside out. It holds the water 1000 times it's molecular weight and what that means is every drop is absorbed into every organ and cell in the body. It is kind of ironic that the only side effects are "you lose your wrinkles and at 57 years old that is simply the best news I have ever heard.

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