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Injections we offer

  • Vitamin B12 Injection
  • Mistletoe Injection
  • Prolotherapy Injection
  • Glutathione IV therapy
  • Hydrochloric Acid IV therapy


Vitamin B12 Injection

Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin form) is an important water-soluble vitamin for the nerve and liver for detoxification. It is often administered by injection so that it can be rapidly absorbed and utilized by the body.

Vitamin B12 injections are commonly helpful for patients who:

  • Are primarily have vegetarian diet
  • Have digestive issues
  • Have high levels of stress
  • Are above the age of 65
  • Have low energy
  • Feeling depressed or anxiety
  • Have chronic numbness, tingling hands
  • Brain fog, memory challenges
  • Have been diagnosed with low or sub-optimal B12 levels

Vitamin B12 support has been used in the treatment of: neurological conditions, depression, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), diabetic neuropathy, low sperm count and many other conditions.


Mistletoe Therapy

Mistletoe Therapy is a well known injection therapy in Germany for improving cancer patients’ life quality. This herbal plant contains lectins that can stimulate immune system and have an effect on cancer cells to “self-destruct“.
This therapy complements most cancer therapy, such as Radiation / Chemotherapy.

Effects of Mistletoe Therapy

  • Improvement tolerability of conventional treatments.
  • Improvement the quality of life of cancer patients. (such as pain, vomiting and sleep disorder)
  • Increase the patient’s compliance through reduced side effects of conventional cancer therapies (chemotherapy or radiotherapy)

The pharmacological effects of whole plant extracts from mistletoe for cancer therapy are:

  • Immunomodulation (anti-tumor & anti-infectious effects)
  • Cytotoxic effects on tumor cells (anti-tumor effect)
  • Inhibition of angiogenesis (anti-tumor effect)
  • DNA stabilization

Besides using in cancer patient care, mistletoe can be use to reduce joint pain in various chronic arthritis conditions.



Prolotherapy, short for “proliferation therapy,” works by stimulating the body’s own natural healing mechanisms to repair by producing new collagen and cartilage through the injection mixture of dextrose, saline solution and vitamin B12.
Many professional athletes all over the world have been utilizing Prolotherapy injection. With this treatment many professional athletes are able to get back to playing in only a few weeks, instead of the normal recovery time of 2-6 months.

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Benefits of Injection Treatment

  • VITAMIN B12 & B6 INJECTIONS for weight loss
  • GLUTATHIONE for Liver Detox Support
  • PROLOTHERAPY for Joint healing and reduce pain
  • MISTLETOE therapy for cancer support
  • HYDROCHLORIC ACID Therapy for antimicrobial and antiviral

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