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Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is one of its kinds in the world, where Eastern medicine and Western medicine combine its knowledge. This practices makes it unique, and there is no limit  wealth of knowledge available. The diagnosis and treatments are based on medical research and latest clinical studies. This medical paradigm emphasizes on treating the root cause of the disease using traditional herbs, vitamins, acupuncture and as well as using sophisticated technology such as infrared laser.

Natural Health Supplement Consultation

Naturopathic Doctor can help you to recommend the best supplement for your needs. A thorough case history will be taken before you take any new supplements to gain the most benefits of natural supplements and to avoid any detrimental supplement and drug interactions

Preventative Medicine

Most diseases are preventable with proper dietary and lifestyle. There are studies that shows that taking certain supplements may reduce the risk of certain conditions such as cancer, diabetes and more. Why not start early?

Total Body Detoxification

The environment is filled with various chemicals that are foreign to the body. Heavy metal toxicity is becoming more prevalent due to increasing industrial waste deposit, pesticides usages and much more. The most common heavy metals that have been found to be detrimental to our bodies are mercury, cadmium and lead. There are tests available to screen for heavy metal toxicity.

Professional quality supplements available at the clinic for patient’s convenience.  Brands such as AOR, Thorne, NFH, Restorative Formulation, Alpha Science, Researched Nutritionals , Immune VF1, St. Francis Herb, ResultsRNA, Genestra, Pure Encapsulations.

What to expect in a visit ?

Comprehensive Information Gathering

Best Naturopathic Care

Finding The Root of Your Problem

What to expect on the first visit ?

The first Naturopathic consultation visit is about 60 minutes to allow for comprehensive information gathering, reviewing lab test results and physical examination to determine the root of your health problem.  More advance laboratory test may be recommended for further investigation. Follow-up visits (30 minutes)  are recommended typically after 2 weeks.

Naturopathic Doctor Can Help With….

1. Physical Injury and Pain Management
2. Restoring Digestive Health
3. Cancer Support Therapy
4. Improving Immune system
5. Improving Fertility ( Fertility Acupuncture for IVF/IUI available )
6. Weight Management
7. Heavy Metal Detox
8. Stress & Anxiety Management
9. Balancing Hormone – Thyroid / Estrogen / Progesterone / Testosterone
10. Improving Autism Spectrum Disorder
11. Nutrition Support for Down Syndrome
12. Balancing food and environmental allergies
13.  And much more….

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First Visit : $160 / $120 for 60 minutes appointment

Subsequent Visits : $80 / $60 for 30 minutes

                                    $50 for 15 minutes

* 25% Discounts apply to children, students and seniors

Bioflex Laser / Acupuncture : $68 for 30 minutes treatment

Sauna : $100

Home Visits : Additional $15 per visit for transportation fees

Clinic Hours

Tuesday, Thursday : 10:00am – 8:00pm

Monday, Wednesday & Friday : 10:00am – 3:00pm

Phone / Virtual Appointment available upon request

Servicing Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, Brantford, Paris, St. Catharine, Mississauga, Oakville area

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