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Advance Laboratory Test

  • Bacteria and Yeast Stool Testing
  • Female Hormone Test (Cancer Prevention)
  • Saliva Cortisol Hormone Test
  • Food Sensitivity Blood Test
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity Analysis
  • Hair mineral Analysis
  • Organic Acid Test
  • Live Blood Cell Analysis
  • General Blood Test

LAB : Dutch Test, Lifelabs, Rocky Mountain Analytical, Doctors Data, GIMAP, GI360, Genova Diagnostic


A small drop of patient’s blood is taken from the fingertip and placed on a slide under a darkfield microscope. The practitioner would be able to view the blood cell in front of the computer monitor. With the blood specimens not being stained, we can observe the blood in its natural terrain environment against an in-direct light source.
(Note: stained sample would have killed the blood cells)

This test may be of value in the early assessment of;

  • Any health problem of unknown cause
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Compromised Immunity
  • Cardiovascular or Stroke family history
  • Anemia
  • Yeast related health issue

Blood microscopy is for anyone that are interested in preventative medicine, and particularly useful for tracking patient’s response to their treatments.

NOTE : Live Blood Analysis screening is not a diagnostic procedure.

What to expect in a visit ?

Comprehensive Information Gathering

Best Naturopathic Care

Finding The Root of Your Problem

Generally through live blood microscopy, we can determine;

  • Sluggish immune system
  • Nutritional status : low vitamins and minerals
  • Possibilities of parasites / candida
  • Digestive issues
  • Signs of excess free radical and oxidative damage

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