Movembering For A Reason

Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Phil of Burlington Natural Health Centre is Movembering for creating Prostate cancer awareness.

What is Movembering? Thousands of men are growing their mustache in the beginning of November 1st every year to create a greater awareness for prostate cancer. //

What are some ways for men can do to prevent prostate cancer?
Besides getting blood test done to check their PSA level yearly and getting a finger prostate exam done every few years after the age of 50, there are few things men can do to prevent prostate cancer.

Vitamin D is essential especially during the winter months! Vitamin D has been shown to have “anti-prostate cancer properties” in lab studies. Take Vitamin D seriously!

Pomegranate is not only a delicious fruit to eat but also it has a powerful protective effect. Drink some POM juice today.

Garlic is a great anti-oxidant, not only helps to prevent different type of cancers but also improve heart health. Get some garlic daily!

Flaxseed powder not flaxseed oil please! Flaxseed helps to balance men’s hormone. However, do not take flaxseed oil as studies have shown that it may negatively affect the prostate.

Reducing the fatty steak and more leafy greens will improve your PSA level and of course will reduce the risk of cancer. Adding to this lifestyle is Exercise. The end result is weight loss.

Avoid estrogen exposure…how? We are exposed to synthetic estrogen everyday such as BPA in plastic bottles, canned food, pop, and much more.

Avoid eating burnt meat. Dark charcoaled meat need to be disposed and should not be a delicacy.

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