Naturopathic Medicine complementing the conventional medical system today?

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct practice of primary healthcare. However, it is no longer a segregated or an alternative healthcare. In Ontario, Naturopathic medicine is a regulated health profession with a large scope of practices such as intravenous therapy, vitamin injections, herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy and much more. Naturopathic medicine blends modern scientific research with traditional forms of medicine. Today, more people than ever before are seeking and benefiting from the safe and effective naturopathic medical care. The naturopathic doctors have at least 3 years of undergraduate pre-medical training and 4-year-full time program in an accredited Naturopathic school. Their training treats all forms of health concerns, from pediatric to geriatric concerns. Compare to the current conventional medical visits, naturopathic visits are about 30 to 60 minutes for allowing physical examination and a more comprehensive investigation of the patients’ health issues. The upside of this is, naturopathic care is covered by most extended health care plans.

Dr. Philip K.L Lee BSc, N.D practices in Burlington has helped many patients with digestive concerns, physical pain, cancer, infertility and other health issues. The success of his practice lies from finding the root cause of his patients’ health issues. To get more information about Dr. Philip’s practice.

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