Preparing for the flu season?

Fight the H1N1 flu! We hear a lot about what to do in preparation for the flu season, such as getting the H1N1 flu shot, washing hands regularly and as well as sneezing to the elbow.
But what about doing more to improve your defense, which is your immune system?

Fact: There are various ways we can strengthen our immune system
naturally through food and supplements safely.

Try these!
o Increase Vitamin C through drinking fresh lemon juice frequently to keep the immune cells in top shape. Take 3000mg Vitamin C daily
o Zinc! Can’t get enough of it. Without it, the immune system is impaired. Take 30mg
with food daily to optimize your immune system.
o Vitamin D is actually a potent anti-viral according to a study from UCLA !
For fighting against H1N1 we need approximately 2000IU per day
o High sugar diet impairs your defense system. On the contrary, more protein in diet improves immune system. Some chicken soup is good for you!
o Drink lots of warm liquid, such as tea and soup!
o Physical exhaustion weakens the body and increases the risk of infection. Find time to relax and get enough rest!
o Stay warm by dressing more layers and wear appropriate coat to guard from the wind chills. Wearing a cotton t-shirt can keep your body warm all the time.
o Eat more mushrooms such as Shitake and Maitake to boost your immune system!
o Add more Garlic, Onion and Ginger into your food; they are anti-viral!
o Lastly, some health professionals suggest gargling with salt water daily as a first line of defense before the virus invades the body further.

If you want further help to boost your immune system, why not explore Naturopathic Medicine. Talk to our Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Philip K.L Lee BSc, ND

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